Seeing beyond advertising …

Today’s consumer is more than a target, he is a medium in his own right. He chooses where, when and how he consumes. He does it quickly, without holding back. He knows what he wants and acts accordingly. The consumer has become a CONSUM’ACTOR.

Yet we continue to measure the effectiveness of our communication offensives by their scope and frequency (traditional media: television, radio, billboards, printed matter) or the number of clicks or bounce rate (web); the only thing they have in common is impressions. The problem with these types of measurement is that they are one-dimensional and hard to compare.

In light of this, Engagement Marketing appears naturally as a NEW WAY OF THINKING AND ACTING. By re-centering communication on the reality of the new consum’actor, we can talk to him differently. We now try to reach him WHERE HE LIVES, emphasizing usage of OWNED AND EARNED CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION BEFORE MOVING ON TO BOUGHT CHANNELS. This communication goes far beyond traditional media or the web.

More than that, we now measure all the communication we have with our consum’actors (from us to them, from them to us, and between them) in order to obtain a much more accurate picture of how engaged they are with the brand.

Of course, this requires both brands and advertisers to be open-minded enough to change their reflexes and habits.

We must now think in terms of depth of engagement in our communications, i.e., focus on diversity of opportunities and quality of experiences. ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE THE PLUNGE?