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Speeding Up tTo LTE With Rogers

EM Agency has organized a tour to promote Rogers’ LTE network which enables mobile devices to reach the fastest download speed there is. To do so, EM created an experiential event revolving around speed. The concept features a kiosk where the public is invited to meet Rogers’ LTE speed challenge by pedaling as fast as possible on one of the three exercise bikes. Each participant can track his progress through one of three large « LTE » letters which gradually light up as the pedaling speed increases. The challenge consists in going from 2G to 3G to 4G speed and ultimately to reach LTE speed, all that within a set time limit.

Besides attempting the LTE challenge, participants can enter a contest to win one of five LTE smartphones. Contest registration is done using HTC Jetstream tablets to demonstrate these innovative devices.

« Once again, we’re impressed with EM Agency’s creativity and effectiveness. » states Ian Lidstone, Marketing Director at Rogers.

The tour will be stopping in three malls (Rockland, Eaton Centre, Carrefour Laval) and in two movie complexes (Guzzo Marché Central, AMC Forum) and continues until December 23rd. « Watch for our event in 2012. We’ll continue using the LTE Challenge to promote our LTE network as we launch in other markets throughout Quebec. » mentions Erin O’Connor, Channel Marketing Manager.

« We were able to create this event thanks to the creative freedom allowed by Rogers. Thanks to our ongoing relationship we can reach new heights in experiential marketing » says Alain Tadros, EM Agency’s President.