A Feast Just Like At Grandma’s House!

Who among us doesn’t remember the wholesome meals prepared in our grandmothers’ kitchens? That is the premise used by EM Agency in developing two new TV ads for Oven-Baked Tradition’s line of dog and cat food. Each ad stars a granny baking for her little ones – dogs in one ad, cats in the other.

“These are our very first television ads. We were keen to emphasize our baking method, seeing as we are the only company in Quebec that makes dry oven-baked food for cats and dogs. This process preserves flavour, protein and essential vitamins that help our furry friends digest better”, explains Marie-Claude Dubuc, marketing and R&D director at Bio Biscuit.

“Seeing as we were working with a 15-second format, we opted for a simple and efficient message that is in tune with the brand’s traditional image. By representing dogs and cats as grandmothers, we make people smile and increase Oven-Baked Tradition products’ likeability factor with the public”, points out Harry Bouchard, creative vice-president at EM Agency.

The ads are true to the company’s local roots, and they contribute to consumer engagement towards this home-grown brand.