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SEO Services – How They Help with Your Online Business

seotipsThe birth of e-commerce has led to the creation of many dotcom millionaires, many of which were lucky for being among the pioneers to be in the e-commerce business.  These days, opening up an e-commerce website does not always mean you will be successful.  While there are still people who succeed in becoming established online entrepreneurs, there are countless many who do not become successful.

There are actually many ways to earn when you open up a website.  However, it does not always mean that you will be successful.  First of all, it is important that your website caters to the needs or desire of many people.  Another thing is that your website is properly optimized so that it shows among the results whenever people make a relevant search using search engines.  And even if your website pops up in search engine results pages, if your website shows up in the tenth page or even higher, then you have very little chance competing against those who are in the first few pages of search results.

Video By Emethod SEO

If you want your website to become successful, it needs to undergo full search engine optimization.  This is not literally something you can do alone as it takes a lot of people to make a website properly search optimized.  To become successful as an online entrepreneur, you need to hire the companies that offer SEO services like Emethod.  What they will do is make your website properly search engine optimized so it will show in the first few pages of search results. When that happens, you will begin to enjoy lots of organic traffic going to your website.

Of course, to make your website competitive, you will need to compete with keywords that are not highly competitive.  Competing against those will be futile as big budgeted websites are also competing on those.  To have a fighting chance and have success as an online entrepreneur, you first need to develop your income on keywords that are not highly fought against, one where you have a high chance of reaching even page one of search engine results pages.  Through this, you will be able to enjoy much better traffic on your website than if you did not hire SEO services at all.


EM Gets Hairy For Movember!

During November, the guys from EM are taking on the Movember challenge by growing a nice moustache. Our team, called EM Mogency, includes Harry Bouchard, Philippe Corriveau, Jean-François Couvignou, Samuel Fontaine, Pierre Lefort, Ugo Mongiat, Alain Tadros, Sébastien Tougas and Pierre-André Vigneault.


Thanks to their “mo”, our men aim to raise $10,000 to fight prostate cancer. To support this great cause, EM Agency already contributed $250 for each team member, for a total donation of $2,250.


Donating is easy! You can pay online with your credit card, and the site is secured, so no worries! And donations are tax deductible.

You personally know one of the guys on our team and would like to see photos of his hairy look?. Besides seeing his new mo, you’ll be able to donate directly to him. All individual donations will be accounted for in the EM Mogency team total.


Moustaches will be sprouting in November to raise vital funds to fight prostate cancer. Leave an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health by supporting the cause. We’re counting on you. Ready, set, MO!


Bound For Butterflies With Vileda

To support Vileda’s cleaning tools, EM Agency has developed a national promotion under the theme “Costa Rica bound for butterflies”. It consists in a contest where participants earn a chance to win a trip for four to Costa Rica – a $15,000 value.

“The Vileda logo features a stylized butterfly. Costa Rica was a natural choice since that’s where a wide variety of butterflies can be found, making the link with the brand just perfect. Costa Rica is also growing in popularity as a destination for Canadians”, states Harry Bouchard, Creative Vice-President at EM Agency.

“We have distributed over two million of our most popular products in specially-marked packaging. It’s a major promotion for us”, adds Pierre Lacroix, Marketing Director at Freudenberg Household Products Canada.

Two television ads support this national initiative. Besides television, the promotion is also present on the web, in print and on thematic in-store materials.

The promotion is happening everywhere in Canada until November 2012.


Not One But Three New Talents At EM!

EM Agency is pleased to announce the recent hiring of three talented and passionate professionals.

First, THIERRY GAUTHIER (ex-Speed, Imago, Groupe Dynamite, Tank, Nextmoov) joins EM Agency as Group Director, Client Services. Having worked in the past for both clients and agencies alike, Thierry will manage a client service team while contributing to the agency’s business development. With his vast experience, Thierry will certainly be a valuable asset for EM.

MICHEL BEAULIEU (ex-Bos, Yucentrik, Phéromone, Nurun, Bell) joins EM as Interactive Project Manager. Michel comes with over ten years of experience in interactive project management, having worked for major clients like the National Bank, Fido, Videotron and Toyota. With this new addition, EM reiterates the important role played by non-traditional media in engagement marketing.

And the very last addition, LAURENCE PROVENCHER (ex-ARTV, Équipe Spectra) is the new production coordinator at EM. She will handle all electronic and photo productions for the agency.