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As our lives change, so does our RV

For the RV Shows’ 25th anniversary, EM Agency has developed a campaign aiming at promoting the various types of recreational vehicles by linking them to specific age groups. “The range of recreational vehicles is so wide that everybody can find their match. Usually, people start with a basic model and gradually upgrade to more sophisticated recreational vehicles. You’ll find your dream RV at our Montreal or Quebec RV Show”, says Danielle Godbout, ACVRQ’s General Manager.

The TV ad features a couple evolving over time and enjoying the most of their vacation thanks to their recreational vehicle. “We went with a very dynamic look on a white background to focus the attention on a couple and the special moments they live thanks to their RV, from their younger years to their retirement”, mentions Harry Bouchard, Vice-President – Creative at EM Agency.

The initiative also includes a contest for a chance to win one of eight stays in a Sépaq park. The campaign is supported with television, web advertising and ads in magazines and major dailies.


Harry & Co Has Become EM

For nearly a year, we have been refining our mission, the way we think and act, so we can deliver truly engaging communications—transparent, bi-directional useful—to our clients and their consum’actors.

And because the power is now in the consum’actor’s hands, we have created a forum where he or she is free to speak out, whisper or shout: ENGAGE or … GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Welcome to EM, the Engagement Marketing agency.


Not One But Three New Talents At EM!

EM Agency is pleased to announce the recent hiring of three talented and passionate professionals.

First, THIERRY GAUTHIER (ex-Speed, Imago, Groupe Dynamite, Tank, Nextmoov) joins EM Agency as Group Director, Client Services. Having worked in the past for both clients and agencies alike, Thierry will manage a client service team while contributing to the agency’s business development. With his vast experience, Thierry will certainly be a valuable asset for EM.

MICHEL BEAULIEU (ex-Bos, Yucentrik, Phéromone, Nurun, Bell) joins EM as Interactive Project Manager. Michel comes with over ten years of experience in interactive project management, having worked for major clients like the National Bank, Fido, Videotron and Toyota. With this new addition, EM reiterates the important role played by non-traditional media in engagement marketing.

And the very last addition, LAURENCE PROVENCHER (ex-ARTV, Équipe Spectra) is the new production coordinator at EM. She will handle all electronic and photo productions for the agency.


A Feast Just Like At Grandma’s House!

Who among us doesn’t remember the wholesome meals prepared in our grandmothers’ kitchens? That is the premise used by EM Agency in developing two new TV ads for Oven-Baked Tradition’s line of dog and cat food. Each ad stars a granny baking for her little ones – dogs in one ad, cats in the other.

“These are our very first television ads. We were keen to emphasize our baking method, seeing as we are the only company in Quebec that makes dry oven-baked food for cats and dogs. This process preserves flavour, protein and essential vitamins that help our furry friends digest better”, explains Marie-Claude Dubuc, marketing and R&D director at Bio Biscuit.

“Seeing as we were working with a 15-second format, we opted for a simple and efficient message that is in tune with the brand’s traditional image. By representing dogs and cats as grandmothers, we make people smile and increase Oven-Baked Tradition products’ likeability factor with the public”, points out Harry Bouchard, creative vice-president at EM Agency.

The ads are true to the company’s local roots, and they contribute to consumer engagement towards this home-grown brand.


Seeing beyond advertising …

Today’s consumer is more than a target, he is a medium in his own right. He chooses where, when and how he consumes. He does it quickly, without holding back. He knows what he wants and acts accordingly. The consumer has become a CONSUM’ACTOR.

Yet we continue to measure the effectiveness of our communication offensives by their scope and frequency (traditional media: television, radio, billboards, printed matter) or the number of clicks or bounce rate (web); the only thing they have in common is impressions. The problem with these types of measurement is that they are one-dimensional and hard to compare.

In light of this, Engagement Marketing appears naturally as a NEW WAY OF THINKING AND ACTING. By re-centering communication on the reality of the new consum’actor, we can talk to him differently. We now try to reach him WHERE HE LIVES, emphasizing usage of OWNED AND EARNED CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION BEFORE MOVING ON TO BOUGHT CHANNELS. This communication goes far beyond traditional media or the web.

More than that, we now measure all the communication we have with our consum’actors (from us to them, from them to us, and between them) in order to obtain a much more accurate picture of how engaged they are with the brand.

Of course, this requires both brands and advertisers to be open-minded enough to change their reflexes and habits.

We must now think in terms of depth of engagement in our communications, i.e., focus on diversity of opportunities and quality of experiences. ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE THE PLUNGE?